SCUBA Diving in Sipadan, Malaysia

I just came back from diving in Malaysia in case someone is interested in knowing the price right now.

April 2003, 5 days, 4 nights $27,700
Round trip ticket, food, room, unlimited diving

Nice… Is that a package deal? If so, who should I contact?

Yes, it is a package deal. Overseas trips are cheaper when you purchase a complete package, whether it is golfing, formula car racing, or diving. My friend just went to Australia on a formula car racing package just to get the special airline ticket and hotel room. He just sold the formula car racing ticket for half price and spent the time doing other things.

You should contact a SCUBA diving store or call several travel agencies about joining an existing group. It may be difficult to get this price alone. In case this is a sub-standard price, please don’t mention the source of this price. :smiley:

where did you book your tour from?

A friend of mine went recently on a package deal as well and it was only NT$20,000 not NT$27,700. I think included all meals, transportation to the dive site etc.

The SCUBA store that I went to books directly with a travel agency in Malaysia. I will note the lower price. I wish I could compare notes to find out any differences in our packages.

If I remeber I will contact my friend on Monday when he is back at work.

Does anyone know of good dive spots in taiwan, dive groups, or anyone who would want to go diving?