Scuba Diving in southern Taiwan

Ok, I am wanting to move south after janurary of this year. I want to live somewhere accessable to the beach where i can make ok salary and live cheaply.

But the biggest thing is scuba diving. I need to be somewhere I can dive frequently and cheaply. Where would you recommend.

Also I am looking at getting advanced open water in taiwan and would like to start working towards my Instructor certificate. Where is the cheapest and/or best place to get that taken care of.

I have ove a 100 logged dives in variang depth and locals.

Most all of the diving in Southern Taiwan is located in Kenting. I have a small dive shop and hostel located in Kenting and you are welcome to come and get your feet wet. Also I do trips to various outer islands every other month as well as other parts of Asia.

I can also teach up to Dive Master / Dive Control Specialist but I am certainly not the cheapest and not arrogant enough to say that I am the best either. Once you get up t DM / DC then start thinking about where you want to do your ITC.

Check out my website for more details.

Safe Diving,

Thanks for the info! I’ll be checking your website too!