Scud Stud to Enter Albertan Politics

I’m wondering if Arthur Kent’s decision to run for an MLA seat as a Conservative is the start of perhaps a leadership bid in the future. I think he would rule as a moderate Tory, in the mold of Peter Lougheed.

The Only “Scud Stud” I ever heard of was Wolf Blitzer for his reportage from Baghdad on CNN. Maybe Canada had different coverage.

Hey, shouldn’t this thread - being about domestic Canadian politics - be sent to where it belongs, the temp forum? :smiling_imp:

Nope. NBC is an American company :wink: In any case, I’m sure some of Kent’s previous words might come back to haunt him if he enters politics. I’m sure the “boys” in downtown Calgary wouldn’t be too impressed by the following. Then again, Calgarians generally support small business over big business and always love a maverick. In any case, if he were to become an MLA, he would definitely be a “Red Tory” favorite.

I thought you were referring to Mark Philipousis, the tennis player.

As you were, then.

Arthur Kent is about as intense as a game of tiddlywinks.