SD memory cards - speed, etc?


Just got a new Casio Exilim EX-Z750 digital camera. It’s really nice, but I don’t have time to play with it yet. So far, while just poking around it on a tour, it has succeeded in making me feel both fortunate and stupid. As I log more time with it, I’m sure that the balance will shift quickly toward fortunate. It really has a nice layout. OK, on to the main topic – a few questions about SD memory cards.

My main concern is card read and write speed. Simply, I don’t want the card to be a speed bottleneck for the camera. The camera should be the slowest component, to my way of thinking.

The term “high speed” doesn’t seem to indicate anything specific. When I purchased the camera, they gave me one 512MB card free. Not bad so far. Brand is “My Flash” from A-Data (Taiwan). The card has a few speed indications on it that I need some help interpreting.

The package says “60X”. It also says “9MB/sec read & 7MB/sec write.” It goes on to say that those speed ratings are based on a 128MB card.

My questions:

  1. What is considered “high speed” for an SD card these days?

  2. Is the card I have (60X, etc) fast enough for my specific camera? Although it is a 7MP camera, I probably won’t use it above 4MP often.

  3. Do I need to be careful what brand of SD card that I buy? In other words, can any of the lesser-known brands damage the camera?

  4. If I buy another 512MB SD card, what type and speed would you recommend?



60x is a good speed, very fast. I would not worry too much about the speed in the memory, anything over 20x will be fine. Any of the brand name memory are good, but I have seen few problems with even the bargain brands. In Taiwan Kingston is my favourite while Transcend is too expensive. A-data is ok medium brand. So therefore almost any brand is ok.

Look at the price / MB on the cards. Right now 1 gig is usually the best. (1 gig less than 2 at 512 ).

Why would you be lowering the MP on your camera?? Most cameras you cant and shouldn’t.

You can lover the resolution and compression of the pictures but that is different. Unless you camera is interpolated or interlaced (?) or what ever that fake higher rez thingy is, and that’s different.

Ps. Turn off digital zoom now! Optical only please.

[quote=“Chicken”]Any of the brand name memory are good, but I have seen few problems with even the bargain brands.

I’ll tell you one brand to avoid - “Premier”. I got one free with a digital camera I bought recently. Utterly worthless! When I attempt to plug it into my card reader, my computer just goes crazy, giving me all kinds of errors. The fix was to buy a new card (I bought “RiDATA” - seems to be fine).


A regular SD card is generally fast enough for photo taking. However, if you want to use your camera to do movies at 30fps, then you need a high-speed (6MB/s or above) card. The x speeds don’t really mean too much since manufacturers measure it differently.

Kingston generally is decent, but I’ve had serious compatability process with my Kingston Elite SD card and the newer Canon SD/IXY series cameras. It gives me random memory errors, which is extremely annoying. One brand that’s never failed me (CF, SD, SM formats) is Sandisk.