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How about you take a good look at quotes your great truth teller says?

“White people are potential humans - they haven’t evolved yet.” – [Louis Farrakhan]

“A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgement of God has been rendered and she must be destroyed…”

“The Jews have been so bad at politics they lost half their population in the Holocaust.”

And you realize Islamic arabs one some of the biggest black slave traders and owners? You have to be stupid to follow the nation of Islam with their black supremacy when Islam allowed the trade of slaves, where mohammad would trade 2 black slaves for 1 arab because they were worth half of an arab lol.


strange reply hmmmmm


This guy should work as Trump’s Asian-American liason.


lol. yeah, right…


Wow, that’s awesome!


why are you so obsessed with louis farrakhan

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I can’t speak for @Andrew0409, but is this a serious question?! :thinking:

He’s a racist anti-Semite who enjoys considerable support from elements of the Democrat party. He’s a racist and anti-Semite who’s a mirror image of another American reviled as a racist and anti-Semite by Democrats, David Duke. Democrats tolerate him because, like Duke (to the GOP) he provides the party with reliable if marginal votes in a country where election majorities are increasingly razor thin.

Farrakhan and Duke are analogs of each other. Farrakhan is a big reason independents and Republicans ignore Democrats on race and religion in the US (although not the only reason), just as Duke is a big reason Democrats condemn the GOP for being racist.

I think it’s more difficult to believe that you aren’t aware of this, frankly. Are you an American?


I’m of the view that Taiwan should be classed as SE Asia. I think that’s logical with regard to its indigenous peoples.

I’m not buying Korea, though. That is East Asia.

  1. This is not on the topic of the post.

  2. You have elaborated more of the content of your (apparently shared) obsession with Louis Farrakhan, but have failed to account for a why.

  3. I was born on Antarctica, on which many countries have laid (dubious) claim.


OP believes Farrakhan is the second coming of JFK. Andy is asian-ish. Op is presenting Asian nazi as a bit of crow for Andy.


You did ask why, you know. I perhaps provided some justification for @Andrew0409(again I can’t speak for him), and I also provided some reasons why a racist like Farrakhan is tolerated by American Democrats.

Maybe in the future you can preface your questions with something like “rhetorical question only” or “not really interested in facts here.” :grinning:


If anyone was posting videos of David duke, Hitler, etc and said they are the great truth teller. They would get flamed, but funny how he can just post videos of Louis Farrakhan and some of the most outspoken members here against people who are racist, anti LGBT, anti semetic is just completely silent on someone posting it.

The video he posted was also about some stupid conspiracy of how the CIA and the white men purposely flooded black neighborhoods with crack…


Did my post get removed for being OT? “SE Asian Alt right” is on topic, is it? Nawaphon might be the way to retain relevance.


Every country has a similar conspiracy :smiley:


Are you sure?


Flamed, not banned.


I would. And a lot of posters who are literally the first to jump on any racist ideas or even saying I hate gays because i believe marriage is between a man and women seems to just let it pass…I wonder why that is :roll_eyes:


Sorry, would what?


flame a person posting BS.