Sean's one and only cat alicia went missing in shida. help!

While Sean, Animal Taiwan’s founder, is taking a break abroad after 2.5 years of going going going, his beloved and only cat, ALICIA, tragically escaped from the home in SHIDA where she was to spend these 2 weeks. It has only just been confirmed, but she escaped LAST WEEK WEDNESDAY.

Alicia is a GREY-RUST-COLORED TABBY female cat, about 4 kg, and spayed. She has a microchip, but it is not yet registered in Sean’s name. The vet that registered her will be notified though.

Alicia is used to going outside, but she has never been outside in ShiDa before. She is a slightly SHY girl, and is not the kind of cat to walk up to people. She will probably HIDE now. She has stayed in ShiDa before, so she may go back to the apartment; she should definitely stay close by unless she tries to make her way home to ShiLin.

She was wearing a PINK COLLAR when she was last seen, with a PINK BELL on it. It’s an easy-release collar, so it will come off if she gets it caught on something.

Sean writes: “Thank you, everyone! She’s my little girl and is probably very scared right now”.

Please HELP locate Alicia. When you’re in the area (close by Grandma Nitti’s), please keep an eye out for her!

I hope you guys find her! Good luck!

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Actually the exact location Alicia went missing from is TaiShun street, Lane 36, very close to a Greek restaurant. The Lane leads to the nightmarket on one end and a park on TaiShun street on the other end. My guess is Alicia went in the direction of the park. Please, if you come across the area, keep an eye out for her. Thanks!

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That’s actually not a Greek restaurant, even it’s called ‘Mykonos’

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