Search Engine Optimization for Forumosa

When searching for Taiwan forum, Taiwanese Forum, etc etc, I barely if ever get Forumosa on the first page or second page on Google.

Some search engine optimization seems to be in favor.

Thanks for the tip :sunglasses:
I think Google’s PageRank system works by using the description of your website that others use for Forumosa. When we ask other websites to link to our forums, we do NOT say, “Taiwan Forum” we ask them to say “Taiwan Community” instead. I’ve just googled the words “Taiwan Community” and Forumosa is indeed #1 :discodance:

Unfortunately, no one searches for Taiwan “communities” do they? :noway:

Maybe encouraging our link partners to use the words “Taiwan’s English Discussion Forum” would be better. Can you suggest a less unwieldy description that is search engine friendly?

I just googled the words “Taiwan Forum” and Forumosa is the #1 listing. But when I use the words “Taiwan Forums”, TaiwanHo is #1 (Forumosa is further down, but still on the first page). Maybe it’s my google cache that’s skewing the results?

Well the importance is to make sure Forumosa is #1 when we’re talking about English Google.
No I doubt we’re on the same Google cache. And Google changes its rankings periodically, almost on a daily basis. I Googled today and found that Forumosa appears as number two now, but only as this:

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