Search in User Profiles

Why is this feature needed? I’m someone that uses the search engine a lot and sometimes I search for posts using username and the username has come up redundant a couple of times today because I automatically put a username in the bottom box.

Is there a nice reason for this feature because it seems most of the info that someone would search for in a profile is contained in

Is it because the title is not obvious that it is a list of people who have joined forumosa?

Just wondering. The reason I’m wondering is because I don’t have a lot of info in my profile which is easy to amend.

Before I installed this feature, I wasn’t sure what the search results would look like.

IMO, it doesn’t belong on that search page, and the search results are not very impressive. I will look into moving it off of the forum search page, and onto the start page, it’s own page, and into the Orange Quick Search for on the index

However, it does accomplish one thing well - it searches the profiles in 4 fields: Interests, Location, Occupation, Website. Previously (in only the Forumosan IDs could be searched

At this point, there are several different things I would like to see happen:

  1. Change the results page so that it looks more like a typical memberlist result page - ex. a table with columns for ID, PM, greeting, etc.

  2. Have pre-programmed search links, like [ul][li]Occupation = Teacher or [/li]
    [li]Location = Kaohsiung,

and eventually, [/li]
[li]Can speak = Taiwanese, [/li]
[li]Operating System = Linux or [/li]
[li]Looking for job = Yes[/li][/ul]These pre-programmed search links could be located at appropriate places around the website or even used in other people’s websites


I do not think the Search in Profiles box belongs on the forum search page, since it does not interact with any of the other search parameters. It really seems to be a separate search (although it does “use” the forum’s search engine)

Cool. The idea is to make Forumosa more useful, and the memberlist ( profiles) are underused. There is apparent interest in presenting yourself to the community (see the Forumosans For Hire forum), so our objective is to make the profiles more accessible and more useful for those who wish to use it

Goose Egg, cheers for the comprehensive reply. :slight_smile: