Search not working for 3-letter search words

I input a word found in multiple thread titles, “tea” (sans quotes) and ran a boardwide search, asking to search only thread titles and return results as threads. “No results” were found, despite the fact that there are such threads, e.g.
[Japanese Tea

What gives? Is someone working on rebuilding the keyword database or something?

I did notice new instructions in the search function: [quote]Place + in front of a word which must be found and - in front of a word which must not be found. Put a list of words separated by | into brackets if only one of the words must be found. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches. [/quote]

If adding a + in front is required now, this would be a terrible change IMO. But I tried searching for “+ tea” and “+tea” and also got no results.

It doesn’t seem to run a search on any three letter word.

Thanks. That’s bizarre, and frustrating.

It’s not very helpful when looking for “tea set” is it :slight_smile:

Exactly. I frequently (daily, basically) need to run searches for ‘tea’, ‘ale’, P&P, G&G, etc., and to have the search function not allow it, and also not allow searches for common words like “Taiwanese” (even if I narrow it down to the thread title only, and the LC forum only) is very frustrating.

I find that a problem as well. Also if you make a search on something like “taiwanese tones” the “too common” term still won’t be allowed.

Is the restriction by number of letters and by commonality of the searched term something that could be toggled off?

Right now, the minimum number of letters for words in the Search Table in our database is set to 4. This is a default setting of the SQL database we use on the server (i.e. it isn’t a forum software issue, it’s a server issue). I will look into changing this to 3-letters (reference: … 5#p8946615) and if I do and the server grinds to a halt after rebuilding the keyword search tables, I’ll change the minimum back to 4 letters

Here is a good explanation of how phpBB’s search process works: … rk-part-i/

Excellent, thanks! In the meantime I’ve used Google to search for threads needing merging. And what about the ‘word too common’ issue? I have, in the past, added “minnan” to thread titles to enable searching when the common word “Taiwanese” is blocked, but it would be nice not to have to do such workarounds.

We have reset the minimum letter count to 3 now

Rebuilding the keyword index table took A LOT longer than we expected, and in fact it crashed our database. This was why Forumosa was down for about 2.5 hours today.

If we decide to go back to a 4-letter minimum search, we’ll post a warning that the site could be down for a couple of hours as we rebuild the search table

Well, thanks for that effort, and sorry it resulted in problems!

No worries. We learned something about the new server, which is useful to know.

Let us know if any 3-letter word searches do seem to slow things down (they shouldn’t). We will also look to clear the blocked words list, so words like “Taiwanese” may be used – although the idea behind the blocked words is that they are too frequently mentioned to be useful results in the first place.

They may be useful as qualifiers however. Take my example above. If I’m looking for information on “Taiwanese tones,” “tones” is far less useful as I’ll be swamped with information on Mandarin tones.

Search on Forumosa has never worked since the start …