Search question


I’m trying to get better at searching the archives before posting. Noticed that in the search window, an option exists to choose to search in the topic/post title and body OR the body only. For filtering out common terms, such as a search for “newspaper”, it seems like a “title only” option would be very useful. I used that word in a full title and body search and got hundreds of inapplicable hits.

Is there a way to search the titles of posts ONLY?



Well, No and Yes.

NO: the way phpBB is set up, you cannot search using only the topic titles. I agree with you, this seems like an obvious and useful way to go about things

YES: there is a modification to add this feature – ( see this ). HOWEVER, I expect such modifications to only be made AFTER we move to the Taipei-based server.

So try it again in late July. I hope to have that and a lot of other modifications (ie Ignore function) back

Give me an “S”!

Now! “S” Now! s now!

3 tweaks to the search function

  1. Title only search is now available
  2. POSTS are returned by default (before it was topics names)
  3. 1,000 characters are returned by default (before it was 200 characters)