Searching for a cafe with a good outside view

There is a very good 咖啡館 (Coffee house) in 大安區 (Daan District) called Lavazza. They are located on the second floor and have a nice terrace with a view on 敦化南路 (Dunhua South Road)。I love it, but the menu is pretty poor. I’d like to try something new.

If you know what cafe I’m talking about, can you recommend me any of a similar kind, please?

I used to go there with a friend to have a dessert and drink coffee or a pot of tea.

The most important for us is a lovely outside view and a terrace. Better if it’s the same kind second or third floor cafe.

The location is preferably 大安 (Daan),信義 (Xinyi),松山 (Songshan),(內湖 (Neihu) also can consider) or somewhere in between 台北車站 (Taipei Main Station) and 市政府 (City Hall)。

Louisa Coffee Daan Park

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Any other recommendations?
It would also be great if a cafe works until 11pm or 12am

Please write in all English. Dropping in Chinese words is obnoxious and excludes all the monolinguals here. 謝謝!


There’s an indie/arthouse movie theatre/cafe called Spot in the Zhongshan district that has an outdoor restaurant in a garden type setting and a nice second floor balcony overlooking it…


Oh, Sorry! Don’t get me wrong I thought basic words and major locations in Taipei members of this forum do know in Chinese, especially those who live in Taiwan for a while. So I used it to let people know better what and where exactly I’m searching in~

Thank you!

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You should use simplified characters for the_poor_bear.


I’d be interested to know what percentage of us can read basic Chinese. But for sure there’s a lot who don’t.

But he included the English for each Chinese term. This can be a learning moment for you!

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That was added after @the_bear posted. But yeah, is the best way to ensure all parts can know what’s being discussed.
Good job, @Yastrubinskiy!

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Wow, so you’re saying he actually had a legitimate complaint? I’m impressed. :grinning:

Roots Café has view of trees and people.

106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, 101號


A lot of the very small parks around the city will have a coffee shop or two on them.

The Xinyi Eslite bookstore has a few coffee shops inside that face 101.

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Indeed Taipei has a lot of cafés. But most of the places you recommend close around 9pm-10pm.

I go for dessert around 9pm-10pm and stay until 11pm - 12am. Sometimes till 2am. That’s why Lavazza was the perfect choice so far. However I tried all their menu (drinks, snacks, desserts) and that’s the reason I’d like to change the location.

I didn’t know you were looking for evening or late night.

I’m not sharing my favorite late-night cafe because it’s already too crowded and sometimes no seats :joy:

Open late maybe JCs or something in the same area as Lavezza. There are a few others in the streets nearby. But mostly just views of the street and people and not always have outdoor seating.

JC’s Cafe
No. 15, Alley 7, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

No. 34號, Lane 187, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

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How will you see the view when it’s all dark out?

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I thoroughly enjoy Orange Cafe (看電車)

Mountain Kids Coffee Roaster

You can pretend you’re in Paris sipping a cup of coffee next to the Arc de Triomphe.