Searching for a particular file on a website

My question is: Can I use google or some other search engine to search for a particular file on a specified website?

[color=#FF0040]-- Wording --[/color]
If I want to search for “wording,” that is fairly simple. On Google, for example, the following syntax will find all files which contain the word “cooperation” on the website of the US Dept. of State

[color=#FF0040]-- Files --[/color]
But my question regards files. So for example, someone said “There is a file named taiwangogo.doc on the website of, but I am not sure what subdirectory it is in. You should get that file and download it.”

Is there a way to search for a particular file, when I just know the name of the file??? (I don’t know what subdirectory it might be in, nor do I have any idea of what the content is … )

If you want to restrict your search to MS Word documents, add “filetype:doc”.

And if “taiwangogo” in the the destination URL (e.g., as then add “allinurl: taiwangogo”.

So that gives the following Google search:

allinurl: taiwangogo filetype:doc