Searching for a space /cafe to sell souvenirs on weekends

Hello everyone!

Let me try to explain my idea.

My friend is an artist, he has a lot of artworks, and we would like to sell souvenirs like cups, t-shirts, phone cases with his artworks on them as well as copies of some of his most extensive paintings.

The idea is to find a space to sell those things on weekend, kind of an expo which you have probably seen near Yuanshan Station (圓山站) where people sell different kinds of products.

(please, do not recommend me big art fairs like Artaipei or Art Dangdai - this is now what I’m searching for right now.)

Another idea is to find a store or a cafe which can allow to hang paintings inside and let visitors buy them. This kind of cafe is usually called in Chinese 藝品咖啡店。Kind of “Artwork cafes”.

I tried to Google some and visited, but those cafes didn’t meet my expectations. That’s because they sell artworks of an owner of a cafe or have particular kind of cafe style or they are coffee lovers clubs rather than cafés with desserts).

Thus, I need three kind of spaces:

  • Cafe like Artworks cafe 藝品咖啡店 (with coffee and dessert served),
  • weekend expo or fair, (it might be even a big store providing space for these sales) (don’t recommend markets, please).
  • stores which sell creative stuff.

P. S. Regarding cafés, if you know any cafe in Taipei, Yilan, Taichung, Taoyuan, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien, New Taipei City, which you like so much to hang out in, but you really believe they lack something special, like artworks on their walls, please send me any recommendations. I will consider all of your ideas and opinions!

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

Blanket on the ground, folding chair, done.
Taiwan style…

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I think Lutetia cafe in tianmu does that sort of thing.
approach them and if they like your work maybe you can do something with them.
tianmu square also has this type of activity on weekends

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Lots of people trying to sell art via coffee shops. And not many people willing to spend much money.

Shops might require some tax, business, etc related documents for selling items.

Have you checked Taiwan’s artist villages?

Maybe could use one of these places to sell coffee mugs and small items.


Simple Market every weekend at the old military village opposite WTC.

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Try to sell things to random people on the MRT.