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my name is Simon Weil and I am studying Sinology at Hamburg, University. I am currently working on a termpaper on the two taiwanese opositonal intellectuals Shi Ming and Bo Yang. I got three or four times through the inet, didn

Contemporary Taiwanese Cultural Nationalism, by Hsiau A-chin deals with this subject in great detail.

Bo Yang is not Taiwanese. I’m not familiar with the other guy.


Of course Bo Yang is Taiwanese. What are you talking about? He has been living here for more than 50 years and is a national adviser.

IThe other guy is almost certainly Shi Mingde. He’s not really an intellectual and I don’t really see how you’re going to write a paper about them since they don’t have much in common other than having gone to jail for a long time. The most interesting thing about Shi these days is that he represents a coin-operated KTV machine company down south.

I could’ve sworn he was born in the mainland …

As were many Taiwanese. Duh!


[quote]Bo Yang [real name Guo Yidong] 1920-

Born in Henan and graduated from National Northeastern University in Shenyang. He moved to Taiwan in the late 1940s, where he worked for the Anti-Communist Youth League and held various teaching posts. A prolific writer of essays, mostly about Taiwan’s social problems, he spent ten years in prison because of a cartoon he drew in the China Daily News. He also writes fiction and books on Chinese history, but is probably most famous for his essay “The Ugly Chinaman”.

Bo Yang xuanji (Bo Yang: Selected Works) 1962-80

Bo Yang suipi (Bo Yang: Occasional Essays) 1964-81

Bo Yang xiaoshou chuanji (Bo Yang: Collected Fiction) 1980

Works available in English:

A Farewell: A Collection of Short Stories (Robert Reynolds). Hong Kong: Joint

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As were many Taiwanese. Duh![/quote]

Oh lord, here we go again … another debate on “Chinese” vs. “Taiwanese” :unamused:

I thought most people agreed that “Taiwanese” were those who were born on Taiwanese soil or those that emmigrated prior to the beginning of the KMT exodus from the mainland. But whatever, it’s not worth arguing about … :unamused:

So as not to get off topic, I’ve responded to this ludicrous statement in a new thread: … 517#253517



Shi Ming and Shi Ming De are two different people. Shi Ming is also known as Su Bing, a Taiwanese independence activist and author of the noted 400 years of Taiwan History, written in Japan while Su was in exile.