Searching for "music" forum when starting a new thread

Well first of all when I search for a forum for “music” on Forumosa there’s nothing.

Because it’s under arts and entertainment

Well, first of all, if you want to find the right answer you have to ask the right question. What type of music forum are you looking for?

I believe the default here is “What Are You Listening To”

You can create a music tag.

It is a little odd, though, that A&E doesn’t show up under Humanities unless I select the drop-down menu (for me, on Safari). It’s not always easy to find the A&E forum ime.

I’m just saying if someone shows up here and wants to make conversation about “music", there are “no matches found” for music so they just take the easy route and leave quickly because it’s too hard to find the Forum or the right spot to talk about it.

It seems benign or nothing but in reality people show up and want to talk about “music” but there are “no matches found” so they give up and leave the fucking Forumosa.

It needs to be better.

Even I know how to navigate this place but it’s still hard and difficult.

How can we get new people and attract new people and keep new people if even people have been there a long time can’t even make a simple search for music.

Music, music, music it’s maybe the most searched topic in the world but here we have no matches found.

Duh :doh:

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Well, it’s only an issue when starting a new thread, and it should be pretty obvious what it’s doing to anyone except totally new users, so I don’t see it as any kind of major problem. The way that search is set up now, it only searches for words in the forum names. It would be pretty cool if it searched for certain keywords or words in the topic description, but I’m not sure how viable/useful it would ultimately be.