Searching for Taiwan boy I met in Australia in 1999

I’m not sure if the year is right but I met him when I’m in grade 1
I remember that he’s from Taiwan and name Ching Gyain (don’t know how to spell this)
He study in same class with me at Canberra at Huge primary school

At that time he say that I am his girlfriend :slight_smile: we eat luch together and play and other kid stuff
He just pop up to my head so I try asking if anyone know him
I just wanna know how he’s doing now.

Thank you.

Tarzan boy

Hang on ! She said Taiwan Boy, not TArzan boy.

I thought girls were yucky in first grade, but i admit by second grade i had a crush on someone :slight_smile:

honestly, it isn’t impossible to find someone, but you’d have a better chance if you have concrete age/name/last name. If he’s in Taiwan then post it on PTT’s CCR board…

Thanks I really don’t know his last name.Now he must be 24-25 years old
I try search PTT board you mention
is this the one I should try post in?