Searching for true love

Am a black single guy, from Nigeria , Africa. I know people see black as bad people but sometimes you don’t just judge a book by its cover. I wanna make people see reasons everyone are not the same.

Are you also a prince? Do you have money I can hold for you? :slight_smile:

SOME people see black as bad. Many people don’t!


Am not in Taiwan

Welcome to our community!
However, you do know this is a Taiwan-based forum no?

Most people have preferences in race if not all. You really can’t change that, attraction isn’t much of a choice. So I would just focus on the girls who would find you attractive.

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My brother Numsie!!! :wink::wink:How are you!

You are not a bad but rather fine African brother who is no doubt smarter than most folks. Love will find you. No one can love you like you need to be loved, except for the Lord himself but people can be graced with the gift you are. :wink:


You really live in a zero sum reality, huh?

Most people have racial preferences, it’s just the reality. I think everyone does really whether they acknowledge it or not.

And those are the people who are of the world, not in it. And they don’t know the meaning of love.


Attraction is basically about preferences. You can’t escape it. You have a racial preference, it might be you’re open to everyone but at the end, you prefer some more if you had to pick. Everyone has a abstract ideal partner in their mind.

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I mean, what answer are you looking for? What do you want us to say?

If you come to Taiwan, what do you want to do here? Teaching is possible as you come from an English native country, but you have to deal with the bias and (let’s be honest) racism of potential school/buxiban employers who believe you need to be from the US, UK, Australia, S.A. NZ, or Canada. If you’re qualified, you could probably still get a job in some tech or financial field as well.

And then you want your true love? Why here in Taiwan? Are you coming here to live/work because you want to find a Taiwanese girl? Then you’re coming for the wrong reason. Understand the culture of this place before you decide to put down your stake here. You should really want to live here, because you’re really into its culture or you have a good job offer. If you just want to come here, because you’re into Taiwanese women, well, I’m not sure you’ll have great luck in the long run. This place will grind you down if you’re not coming here for the right reasons.

Naw. Speak for yourself. I don’t operate on that low of a level.


People think they have preferences. These preferences can change according to the situation. I always felt that I preferred south Asian women, and then I found I liked an East Asian woman.

Is this a bit creepy?


Nigeria’s official language is English, so yes he could legally teach English in Taiwan.

Unfortunately alot of schools pretend that you have to be from USA, UK, SA, Australia, or NZ, but that has no legal basis.


Yes, I heard that. Unfortunately there is a lot of bias and racism to overcome. But I’ll modify my post to better reflect the reality of the situation now that I have that confirmation.

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No. Well, mostly no.

This is a complex issue, but I look at it in terms of “is it a behavioral preference or looks preference?” If it’s a look preference, then definitely no. Preferring how East Asian women look to how white women look is no different than preferring blondes to brunettes. OTOH If you’re buying into the stereotype that Asian woman are more submissive, sensual or any of that other bull crap, and that’s why you prefer them, well, not only are you in for a rude shock when you realize that’s not the truth at all, but yes I’d find that a bit creepy since you’re putting them into a box instead of finding out who they really are.


Don’t forget to add social conditioning.

A good amount of folks tend to say they prefer XYZ but actually are just going with whatever will allow them to stay safely in the social sanctioned box.


Not at all.

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Agreed, cannot really change someone’s preference and everyone has it. For example I had a friend in taiwan that would only date black guys, she said she would never date any Asians or white guys no matter how attractive they were. There is someone for everyone, you just have to concentrate on the ones that actually feel attracted to you rather than the ones that don’t


You do. Whether you like it or not. You have to discriminate or else you would just sleep with everyone.