Searching questions

How to search for “Chili’s” and not have chili also included and fill the search results?

How to search for an acronym like “TRA” and not have words like trailer fill the results and not be at the top?

chilli’s -chilli

or “chilli’s” in quotes

Think of likely secondary terms

Uhhh, maybe not obvious but already tried that.

Chilli’s shut down.

So search for Chillli’s then.

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I went to Chili’s last night at Xinyi Neo 19 Taipei and thought I’d make some comments so trying to search for the right thread. There is another one in Neihu and a couple others.

Chili’s Grill & Bar美式休閒餐廳-信義店 (Xinyi)
No. 22, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei

This seems to be a shortcoming of Discourse. This functionality has been on request for a couple years now.

Will keep looking for any solutions :cry:


Can kind of bootleg search through Google search but not easy to sort the results in different orders like relevance, in title, date, etc.

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You can filter by date:


Yeah Discourse searching seems to go for the sawed-off shotgun approach, cheap as hell and you’re bound to hit something.

Here’s your solution!

Feel free to start a new thread whenever you like. Mods will find the original thread and merge it for you.