Searching should be more user-friendly

I personally think it’s very essential to have a searching engine especially on discussion forums…ex, via key-in of user’s email,id, key words, can we find our topics wanted immediately…
Just FYR…

I agree Winnie!! When oriented was small it was easy to keep up with all the discussions, but now there are so many interesting threads, I’m not able to keep up with them all and I sometimes forget where I posted last (lao ren chi dai zhun). Also, there are certain posters who I respect more than others and it would be great if there was a search function that allowed me to put in their names and see their latest posts.

I went to the SEARCH function, picked a random number, and searched for postings of the person with that member number.

The number I picked at random was 1670. I specified my search as “All Open Forums” and I found 95 postings by that person, with the topic, forum name, and date of each.

Oh what a surprise, that person’s name is v!

Uh, yeah, the search function at the top of each page is one of the ways to seek out all the postings of a particular poster.

Here’s a short-cut: