Season greetings from Peru and introduction


Howdy folks!. I’m Chemist116 and I’m from Peru. I’ve recently joined to this forum but due my activities I couldn’t find time to introduce myself and share some of my experiences.

As mentioned I’m from Peru (located in South America) born and raised in Lima. I believe much of my description is mentioned in my summary. However for those of you who just dont happen to have stopped by to notice, here it goes.

Science and curiosity are the traits which I believe describe me the most and it goes with my initial profession as I graduated from chemistry (B.S) in 2010. I enjoyed much Electrochemistry and Physical Chemistry, so if you happen to have any questions related with those fields. I’m open to any question. I do also have interests in Biological and medicine, and as a result I’m currently preparing myself for the medicine school admission.

In other aspects other of my interests include RC (Radio control) toys and aviation models since at a young age I grew fascinated by them. Who knew that today they had evolved into what is know as drones, guided by that passion it made me learn analog and digital electronics by my own at a basic level (I guess have to thank Thomas Floyd’s reference textbooks for that). Surely I did started out by trial and error different projects from thermometers, sensors, counters and so on. Therefore if you happen to be also interested into that I would be happy to befriend you!.

As an extension from what it was mentioned, since a young age I became captivated by reading encyclopedias such as Grolier, Encarta among other references and this captivated my attention on beautiful landscapes from around the world and the desire to learn from them.

With the arrival of cable tv in my country made me enjoy watching different channels from around the world (although the service lacked from any Taiwanese tv channels). Not only that since my interests in electronics and rc it made me love learning about shortwave radio and as a result I could learn that Taiwan does offer such service through RTI although it seems that the covering was limited to some areas, anyways I have fun listening to it from time to time.

About my communications skills. I do speak spanish and english (obviously) to a great extend. I’ve also learned some german long time ago (but forgotten most of it). Recently I’m in the process of learning chinese and japanese languages. Talking of which I did learn some basic programming languages like BASIC and C, however I do favor BASIC a lot.

On preferences in leisure time, I do enjoy reading good novels (mostly science fiction, drama and action). Apart from that it extends to the programmes I follow such as news and entertainment. Call me an oddity but I crave for tv dramas, and since they were seldom broadcasted it triggered my curiosity to follow them. So far few of these productions were aired in Peru, such as “Fierce Wife” and “The way we were” neeedless to say that I felt in love with them. Although there was a recent one “Chun Mei” which captivated me the most. It was funny as I become introduced to the series by watching at an ad shown during the broadcast of the 2015 Academy Awards, which just been following it on TTV that year and also gathered my attention as I have a profound interest in historical recreations mostly from the Victorian and pre-WWI era.

I do have some interest in International and current events and my political preferences are conservative and right-leaning, not sure if this can be an issue here, anyways. Here I come!. Just kidding, I’m easy going.

Speaking of eating habits, my favorite desserts includes kind of old fashioned ones (as I think it goes with my personality) such as apple pie and doughnuts although I dont eat them frequently as before as I’m on a low-fat and low calories diet. In other aspects I don’t drink nor smoke.

But above all, you might be asking. What did it made you come here?. Actually it is my interest in Taiwan and its beautiful culture, development and interesting politics. Many years ago I became acquainted with a lady from there who was older than me and was like a mentor in many aspects. There were so many positive traits I could say, but what it impressed me was her compassion, articulate way to express herself and how knowledgeable she was. As a result it was very influential to me during my early to late university years. Each time I was a bit depressed or in a low mood or troubled by different things, she always had the right recommendations and suggestions, needless to say that she was kind, no that would be insufficient. It was the uberly nicest person I ever met. When my initial studies ended and after working we got distanced from each other years ago. But from this experience and my earlier knowledge of R.O.C it made me love to visit and perhaps develop my science studies in Taipei, a goal which I set on years ago to which I hope it comes into fruition soon, of course as my success in medical school.

Probably what I reserved to end is should I had the time to write all of this in the forum?. Um. To be honest I wasn’t sure. I tried to find a proper way to do so, but it doesn’t exist an introduction section and I wanted it to be more flexible way to exchange my ideas with the rest of the community which I believe are welcomed.

Before to end this entry. I’d like to thank in advance to all of you guys who had enjoyed and even felt bored from reading to this. Don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll extend you my hand if I can offer any help or advice.

Of course such as the title implies. Below is my way to express gratitude to this forum to let me participate and a way to start here’s a greeting card to share with you all. May you all have Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!. This is chemist116. Peace!


Merry Christmas to you as well!


I feel for you, man. This is how the bug usually starts. We call this 下蠱. :wink:

Very few people have the strength to escape from this spell.


Feliz Navidad! Bienvenido!


You’re welcome. I’m already enjoying the place!. :slight_smile:


Yay! I wasn’t aware other users did speak spanish. Muchas gracias!. Feliz Navidad para ti tambien. :christmas_tree:
Thanks for your response. Interesting term (sorry I’m not very informed regarding slang terms) but I feel what it was intended to be said was that mature ladies instill atraction to youngsters. Well I can’t argue with you on that buddy. Who knew I’m already learning new words. I do welcome your input and if I did misunderstood anything I would kindly read any clarification you may want to say. :wink:


May I recommend a quick google image search. It usually goes to the heart of the meaning of the slang term in question.


Welcome to the forum
You will be judged here based on what you write
So get writing


Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Forum! :christmas_tree:


What, you speak Russian?


Fixed that for you tommy.