Seat Up or Seat Down, What is Going On Here?

As a guy, I’m taught/still told to always put the seat down when I’m finished especially by female family members.

Been noticing a lot lately in public spots like coffee shops that, when entering after a female has just exited, the seat is up.

Thought this was possibly unique to Taiwan, but then noticed it a few times when traveling in other countries this year.

Maybe females are putting the seat up to help have less chance of men not putting the seat up and then dribbling on the seat? Have females realized this gives them a better chance of having a clean seat and developed a secret conspiracy to put seats up?

What is going on here?

In Taiwan, with the full contact shower bathrooms, the seat is left up so it doesn’t get wet from the shower.

If you make a habit of putting the seat down, good luck finding whoever’s purse it is in which your nuts are currently stored.
Either that or learn to pee sitting down.
Like a German.

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:eek: Makes perfect sense after being in Taiwan for awhile. They sure don’t talk about that in culture books, culture class, news articles, random sickening new YouTube travel videos.

this is not a joke when i tell this tidbit.
my wife a few months ago told me she was waiting outside a woman’s stall behind mainland Chinese lady (not old).
after she went inside to use it when lady came out, the toilet seat was up and pee driblets on the porcelain toilet rim.
i don’t say this to disparage the whole lot, only as an anecdote. take from it what you want.
my wife uses a toilet with seat down always.

This has been posted a billion times.
Doesn’t have to be mainland, most women here, when using public toilets, put the seat up and squat on the bowl itself.
For “hygiene”


What if they have to poop? They still stand on top?

I don’t know but the Taiwan girls I’m talking to say only some old people and mostly in the south. And definitively not “most”.

By the way now they look at me like I’m a clown for assuming your idea. I think I’ve lost some points.


No risk of strangers entering the stall.
100% hygienic, no contact with the toilet.
Both genders can use this technique, important in current year.

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Sneak into the Ladies’ room at any busy bar in Taipei on Ladies’ Night, you’ll know different.


They may well be looking at you like that for a completely different reason.

I once entered a stall after a dude in signapore and the seat was covered in shit

There’s no need to stand on the toilet to do the squat. Just stand on the floor and squat. Toilet seat up makes it easier to get it into the bowl.