Second hand motorcycles website?

I once was sent a link to a Taiwan based website where second hand motorcycles were posted for sale by private owners. The site was Chinese but you could easily read the price,mileage,year,phone number, and pictures were attached. I can’t for the life of me find it anymore. Do you know any website like this? I know Tealit and this forum but none Chinese.
Thank you in advance.

you may be thinking of the Taiwan eBay site. I have found that site, usually by accident a few times and seen private party 'scooters listed on there.
If you jiggle google a bit it can be found.
Or you may be referring to something completely different.

You could try Yahoo Taiwan Auctions too! Everything is set out pretty well and in most cases there’s no need for you to wait until the auction is over before purchase. Most sellers leave their details for potential buyers to get in touch with them.

Give it a try and good luck!