Second hand strollers

Are there any second hand shops in Taipei that would sell used strollers?

My current stroller is a great tank and I’m not going to give it up, but it’s too big and heavy for travelling in city buses and trains. I’d like to buy a small one just to use it for a month or two. I don’t mind if it’s crap but it has to be really cheap.

Any suggestions where I could find something like that?


Not sure about what type of stroller you’re looking for but you can check
People are selling strollers, maybe you can find some good deal.

Good Luck!

I was in my local Far Eastern Geant the other day and they sell cheap light strollers for about 400 nt. They’re not anything special, just your basic seat on wheels but sounds like what you might be after.

Yes, yes! Where is it? I have no idea what Far Eastern Geant is.

Well the Far Eastern Geant is a supermarket/variety type store kind of like Carrefour. The one I went to is at Jing Mei MRT station. There are good directions on the map in the MRT Station but basically get out at Exit 2, walk down the street and turn left at the park. You can’t miss it.

p.s that was my son in the Animals Taiwan photos - do you have a little blond haired boy too? Mine is ten months old and a terror!!!

ooops I mean RIGHT at the park. sorry

Thanks a lot. I think I might go there tomorrow.

My boy looks a lot like yours, 15 months old and a terror too :slight_smile:

Here’s his pic:

I’m sure the situation on the photo is familiar to you :slight_smile:

yes more than familiar!!! i need to make him some name cards so i can get a hold of the many publicity shots which exist!!! Seriously I think it’s giving him a skewed perspective on life, and a big head. good luck with the stroller.