Second marriage legal?

My husband and I were married in Kaohsiung, then in the States about a month later, because Taiwan won’t recognize it’s own marriage license.

So, now that I’m in the States, he’s in Kaohsiung, how should we divorce?

Is the U.S. marriage even legal in the States? I would think not, as the States recognize the Taiwanese marriage. Can I end the first marriage by ending the redundant one? Do we have to divorce in Kaohsiung?

I’ve run a search but didn’t find anything helpful to me.


Most, if not all US states permit no fault divorce. Once you have lived in a place for 6 months, you will likely have established residency there in the eyes of the court that has jurisdiction over that location (normally a county court). You normally will simply file a divorce complaint with that court, and mail a copy of the complaint to your husband per the rules of that court.

In Pennsylvania, such no fault divorces normally take three months to become effective.

If you have children and or assets, or are seeking support from your husband, it would be a good idea to have an agreement drawn up detailing custody and asset distribution and any other matters, and have your husband agree to and sign the same. If you can get such an agreement, you just attach it to the divorce complaint and the judge will endorse it and issue a declaration of divorce, usually three months after it is filed.

You need to speak with a divorce attorney where you live.

Thanks for the valuable reply, Tigerman.