Second US Stimulus Check

That’s the message I got too. I got the first check, so I guess the second one is just going to take a while.

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This is what they actually said. The wording is not as exact as I remembered.

They “scheduled” it to be mailed.
So it could be sitting in an outbox collecting dust. Who knows?
Hope it arrives this next week.

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Mine also is scheduled for that day. I’m guessing it’s not possible for them to mail all of them on the same day.

I have also not received mine.

We got our second stimmy the other day via Treasury check. We chanted TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP and then I bought some nice expensive Italian-made cooking pans. Itsa very nice.

Now…on to the third. JOE JOE JOE!!!

One day, it’s going to be funny to read about the decline of America in the history books.

“So you mean the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth traded the future of its country for a bunch of cheap Chinese electronics, Italian-made cooking pans and other consumer goods?”

“Yes, Timmy. Pretty much.”

Mailed to Taiwan?

Who’ll be able to read by then? And I’m not sure if I follow your point. It’s stimulus money. Paying my taxes with it or paying off my debt doesn’t do what a stimulus check by nature is meant to do. I have added grease to the gears. I’m a GD hero.

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I do not reside in Taiwan. I’m in NY.

Yesterday, but we are in the US.

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All you hobos getting stimulus checks are holding up the IRS so I can’t get my return and docs needed for cashout refi. :joy:

That’s unfortunate. You should be filing, even if no income.
There was $2000+ last spring/summer, $600 this month, and maybe even another $2000 from what Biden/Dems may want.

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So is Biden going to send us another check or what? I heard he might back out of it now.

Pushback more so from the Repubs. And it would “total” $2000". So, if it happens in this exact bill, then another $1400. I’m fine with that and more and more and more and more and more. Might as well just print gazillions for us.

Wasn’t it $1,200?

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Can’t remember. Just know it was a big chunk for me. It covered myself, my wife, and two kids. :money_with_wings:

Still haven’t gotten check that was supposed to be mailed out Jan 7th

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Why? I thought you didn’t need it.

What does that have to do with anything?


I asked a question. What does your question have to do with anything?

Are there even flights from US to Taiwan these days? Could that be the issue?