Second US Stimulus Check

EVA is flying from JFK. I doubt that’s the problem.

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February 1st and still nothing has arrived. It has been nearly a month since it was supposedly mailed.

Takes the check 3 to 4 weeks to clear the bank…so if it does arrive this week, with banks closed over Chinese New Year, can’t count on getting the funds until after Chinese New Year.


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To add insult to injury…
I just got a letter from my brother sent US Post from Denver. Postmarked 01/14/21.

What gives!?

I’m in the same boat, about a month and still no check. The first one came very quickly after it was mailed (according to the IRS site). Will update when/if it comes.

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I’ve already spent my (our) second round of free money and am waiting for that $1,400 to direct deposit.

GameStop? Please hold!

I’m actually lobbying for the government to give Americans the ability to receive their stimulus in the form of GameStop or AMC shares. Please call your representative and tell them you support the Diamond Hands Act of 2021.


Just checking in. It’s Feb. 15th and I still haven’t received this second stimulus that was “scheduled to be sent on Jan. 6.” The first one arrived within two weeks of being mailed.

Has anyone in Taiwan received theirs yet?

Still waiting.
But remember there is no mail delivery during Chinese New Year.


The IRS website says citizens living abroad should receive the 2nd stimulus check in the mail no later than March 31st, 2021. If it doesn’t arrive by then, you can do a trace through the IRS to see where it could possibly be. However, you can’t submit a trace until after March 31st. Also, if it can be verified your check was not cashed, they will place a stop payment on the check and tell you to file a tax credit on your 1040 2020 tax return.


Mine arrived to Italy on Friday. I’m having it sent to me now to England.


Apparently it can take weeks for the bank here to actually deposit the check. Nice

Same in Taiwan. 3 to 4 weeks to clear the bank.

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Mail taking anywhere from 2-3 weeks between US/Taiwan.
My folks in the US didn’t get theirs until about 2 weeks ago. So, even domestic residents not received it on time. Plus, it came in Visa card (which you can transfer to bank account).

Overseas citizens won’t get visa cards. Guaranteed you will get a check if you didn’t provide a US bank account.

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Which is actually hilarious as the US is the only country I know of that still uses checks regularly.

Oh goodie! Who gets to run the gulags?

Any news on another round of stimulus?

I’m STILL waiting for my check for the $600 one from December (November?). Anyone else still waiting for that to arrive in their mailbox? It’s not a lot of money, but I could still use it.


It’s tough making sense of the timing. Democrats are in complete control of government so you’d think it would be a slam dunk. The only thing I can find in the media are hit pieces about Republicans impotent attempts to derail the stimulus package but they can’t stop it.

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Still waiting here as well. No useful information from the website either.

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It still takes time to advance through committees and have the House and Senate agree on a version. Right now there’s disagreements between the progressive Bernie wing that wants minimum wage increases shoehorned in it and the moderate Joe Manchin wing that doesn’t. Also some disagreement about how much student loan should be forgiven.

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