Second US Stimulus Check

I received mine today, here in Kaohsiung.


Will check my mailbox today with eagerness and anticipation!

Time to schedule time off work to get it deposited. Usually takes about an hour. About 3 weeks for the funds to be released.

My guess on the delay is CNY. Those checks probably arrived in Taiwan a week or two ago and were just sitting there while the post office was closed.

Update: just got mine as well!


Got mine today!
But wrong amount!

2019 taxes = single no dependents. =$1200 stimulus. I got that the 1st time.

Amended my return to include 1 dependent. IRS confirmed their acceptance of the ammendment.

Filed 2020 taxes with 1 dependent and claiming the $500 missed from the 1st stimulus.

I thought the IRS would send $1,200 for the second stimulus because of my amended 2019 return…but only got $600.

IRS site says if it’s wrong amount, claim it on your 2020 return. But I already filed!!!


And I just read online that the IRS will not adjust stimulus amounts from amended returns. So whatever you originally filed for in 2019 is exactly what you will get each and every time.

That bites.

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If you claimed the credit in your 2020 return (the missed $500), it comes as a tax refund, not as part of the 2nd stimulus. Expect another check if your 2020 return shows a 500 refund

Yes. Makes sense.
But what about the 600 I was supposed to get from the 2nd stimulus that I was shorted? 2020 taxes already filed before I knew I was shorted.

File an amendment.

Got mine today :happyrunningaround:

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I’m glad then that I have an account at Bank of Taiwan. Just like the previous stimulus check, I took mine in today and they deposited the funds today (700nt in fees) and it took about 15 minutes.

I snap a picture of the check on my bank phone app and it’s posted to my account in 5 minutes, no fees either

Taiwan bank? If so, that’s cool. Which bank?

He must mean a US bank, but Solaire correct me if I’m wrong. I did that with the last one using the BofA app (the info is in the first stimulus check thread). Still haven’t received anything this time around.

IDK why, but this has been annoying me recently. People posting on Forumosa how fast they got checks, depositing, etc but they are not even in Taiwan!

People, please post relevant info in regards to us in Taiwan.

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Ha, ha. I know the posts you are referring to. But I think in this case, he is referring to a check received in the mail here in Taiwan, then cashed using a mobile app for a US bank. That’s what I did the last time around. Worked great. I’ll dig up details if anyone is interested.

Exactly the situation!

Received the check in Taiwan and keep a US bank account that I don’t use regularly and don’t pay a monthly fee for ($1500 to avoid it). I was prepared to find a Taiwanese bank to cash the first stimulus since I’d never taken a picture of one before and was pleasantly surprised to find I didn’t need to.


It looks like the bill for the 3rd stimulus includes an additional $300 a month for each child under 18 for 1 year.

Any detailed info on this? Will overseas citizens qualify?

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That would be nice.

Still don’t have mine, what the hell.::

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Do you get extra for children outside of the US? I assume they got their citizenship through you at some point?

My daughter doesn’t have her US citizenship yet, so no.