Secretly recorded phone conversation between CSB and SMT

the following conversation was intercepted without a warrant, so it’s okay
C=CSB(Charlie S. Bubba)
S=SMT(Sam M. Tyrone)


cell phone rings (ringtone is the sound of people counting paper money)

C: hey, what’s up man…
S: nothing much, bud… but I hear you done some crazy sht and got some serious dough
C: NO WAY!!! it was my old lady and crazy homies
S: oh okay… but word on street is that they want you out
C: I know… maybe you can help me out for old times’ sake?
S: what do you want me to do? rub someone out?
C: no… I can get other people doing that for me… besides, thou shalt not kill
S: thou shalt not kill !!!???
C: yeah, I saw that in some old movie with that crzay American gun dude
S: no kidding… you got the DVD?
[b]C: no… but it was f
cking awesome, the dude parted the red tomatoe soup or sumthin[/b]
S: I hate tomatoes… they’re so red…
C: like a light bulb just exploded in my head… I know how you can help me
S: what?
C: you go on teevee and tell people that you have turned against me
S: say what? thought we were best buds till the end…
C: no stupide, you just tell them that and they’ll surely believe you
S: oh, okay… so you want me to fake it like how chick fake it when I’m in bed with them?
C: sumthin like dat…this will distract those bums for at least a few weeks or months.
S: okay… I’ll get a giant pretend protest started…
C: while you’re at it, make them give you some spending money… like a hundred bucks
S: can’t even buy a pack of smokes for a hundred bucks
C: stupid, did you get 100 out of 600 on your math SAT? 100 times a million bucks!
S: bro, I’d be fcking rich…
C: but you can’t spend the dough on yourself
C: you gotta keep them on the streets long enough to wear them down
S: do I gotta sleep on the streets? 'cause I need to get my beauty sleep every night
C: do this for me and I’ll remember this favor
S: you gonna get me a date with your hot secretary
C: no… but I’ll pay you…
S: cool… let me get my Zurich account number
C: no bonehead, I can only give you gift certificates
S: gift f
ucking certificats… no way… they are like useless sh*t
C: no, these are from SOGO…
S: oh man, that’s cool with me… I heard SOGO just got those spanking new Levi jeans
C: don’t forget they also sell those bow ties you like so much…


Note: no animals were harmed or abused,except Hampton the dancing Hampster

What a waste of cyberspace.

So you think Chen is paying Shih to foment this protest? Why not just say so? It looks just as stupid in 11 words as it does in that nonsense you probably spent 10 minutes typing. :unamused:

nahh, that is Bubba and Tyrone speaking, dude…

but it was stupid in the end, the guy gets some Millions and Bubba still has to pay him in the end? Is Tyrone Dutch or something like that?

Btw, where does Mr. Ed fits in the story?

SMT and CSB sound so…so…ghetto in English.

probably because I copied the whole thing from my favourite [deleted]'s website…
only replaced all the names and places… :smiley: