Secularization, USA

You may be right, that’s an interesting case there, though it seems some particular factors have influenced their losses, maybe. It will be interesting to see the next major Pew Research study.

How so? Sure looks like less Americans believe in God. I sure suspect this trend is continuing

Sorry, what has? I do see that Pew Research does report some decline in evangelicals in their last online 2019 study, but I would still like to see their next major study. In a quick look at your blog article, here’s no doubt that Christianity overall is declining in the US, but that’s a very long term trend at this point across all denominations. I look forward to seeing more research on it. Maybe people are fed up with the right wing, but I think there are definitely larger factors at play.

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with reference to the OP, my point stands

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This. They’ve always resigned themselves to being the party of aggrieved whites. Christians are a convenient ally. The hypocrisy is just getting harder to hide.

I suspect for the millions of Asians, African Americans and Hispanic voters who vote Republican they would find your characterization offensive.


That is the demographic they represent as backed up by data. It is not my fault some people vote against their own interests.

In 2020, President Trump garnered 12% of the Black vote: an improvement on his 8% showing in 2016. But 12% isn’t the best performance by a GOP nominee since 1960. As you can see in the above chart, several nominees equaled or exceeded Trump’s 2020 showing, including Nixon (15% in 1968 and 13% in 1972), Ford (17% in 1976), Reagan (14% in 1980), and Dole (12% in 1996).

What does that mean? How do you know people are voting against their own interests? Are you calling them race traitors?


I’m sure that’s where you want to go with that.

But unless you’re a corporation or the head of a corporation benefiting from the GOP, I would consider you voting against your own interests since supply side economics never works. No matter who you are, uneducated white males included. And now with Trump I don’t even think that makes sense. He’s too much of a liability to even corporations.

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Somebody’s too eager for an SJW battle. Do you see woke liberals everywhere?

You made the statement, I can see why you are running from it. :grinning:

Anyway, that’s enough of that for today, Im off to wait for the Coronavirus numbers for Taiwan to be announced. Take a more back seat role in this thread before I am inextricably entwined.


Those bastards! How could they mess up Malasang’s analysis it took him 5 seconds to make up!


That is in fact the demographic. Do I think they represent uneducated white males well? No. They should emphasize retraining instead of pretending they can put more coal in the ground. But you wanted to make it about a culture war because the right wing has trained voters to think everything is a culture war. Abortion, CRT, prayer in schools and on and on. Not all of us live in that bubble.

How could you ignore decades of data which is basically common knowledge at this point? I must’ve made up the whole Southern Strategy too. You give me far too much credit. :wink:

Not ignoring anything, I would just hope you make an argument better than “They’ve always resigned themselves to being the party of aggrieved whites” > “I suspect for the millions of Asians, African Americans and Hispanic voters who vote Republican they would find your characterization offensive.” > “It is not my fault some people vote against their own interests.” lol. This train may lead some to think you can’t back up your original assertion.

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More importantly I think it dawned on @Malasang88 that thinking a persons skin or race should determine which political party someone should vote for is, dare I say it racist.

But fortunately @Malasang88 cleared that up in the next post by stressing no one but CEO’s should be voting Republican, much more generic answer which applies to all races. So his comment,

“It is not my fault some people vote against their own interests.”

Had nothing to do with race, despite the previous comments being specifically about race.

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When I was at the university in Canada, yes, and conversations with them reminded me of my time in Saudi Arabia; hence, my point. Have you grasped it yet?

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You can say that again.



Change that to “had” unless you’re one of those “non-belief is too a belief” types.

Something I’ve been pointing out for some time myself, the lack of real equivalency as to the significance and priority of these things.

I’m sure in some people’s minds, wokeness or CRT or whatever is legit coming for them though. That’s what right-wing politicians and FOX news are selling, and they’re buying.

I hope they manage to take a walk and eat a salad and not fret so much, it will be ok. :green_salad:

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That, and the importance of a quality toupee :brain:

Why do you assert I think that at all? My grievance with the GOP is their complete inability to govern, lack of any policy, and over emphasis on culture wars and wedge issues.

You are playing into that. Yes they’re demographics are overwhelmingly white and uneducated for a reason. You are certainly and consistently over playing Trump’s supposed traction with minorities as evidenced above. You can try to attribute the culture war to me, but it ain’t me bud.

Again GOP uses wedge issues and culture wars to divide people by race and culture. The demographics prove that. What do I say to a small minority of Asian Americans that vote Republican? The same thing I’d say to a large majority of white males. You’ve made a mistake.

But go ahead and keep having the debate you want to have instead of the actual one. Another example of confirmation bias or how woke culture (or lack thereof) has over taken your life.