Secularization, USA

Thanks for your contribution. Very insightful.

I thought so too. Self-knowledge is the best kind of knowledge.

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If it’s on the news all day every day you see it everywhere.

You brought race into it with the toxic remark about Republicans.

They’ve always resigned themselves to being the party of aggrieved whites

I replied

I suspect for the millions of Asians, African Americans and Hispanic voters who vote Republican they would find your characterization offensive.

To which you answered

It is not my fault some people vote against their own interests.

Now your position is

Again GOP uses wedge issues and culture wars to divide people by race and culture.

It would appear that is what you are doing, you are the one that brought it up, dismissed the millions of Asian, African Americans and Hispanic who vote for Republicans as voting against their interest and now accuse others with exactly what you are doing.

I’m pointing out 1. Your offensive posts, 2. Your lack of ability to acknowledge that there are millions of minorities that vote republican and who would take offense at your characterization and lastly your inability to see them as individuals who like everyone else have their own reasons which they are perfectly entitled to for voting one way or another.

We are discussing, your posts and your views, not mine. :bowing:

It’s a statistical reality which you’ve ignored.

This is not a change in position. All people who vote Republican are voting against their own interests. The party is unable to govern.

How am I dismissing them? Perhaps xenophobia and culture wars appeal to them too or paying lip service to small government. The fact that the majority of Republican voters are white and mostly male means that those issues appeal more to that demographic. A fact you have trouble accepting.

I see them as individuals. Individuals making a mistake. You are trying to make an argument that I am saying race traitors because clearly you don’t want to acknowledge the demographic reality. I didn’t say anything about betraying race, nor did I say they were voting against racial interests. You inferred that because that is the debate you want to have in the crusade against woke culture.

This is where you and I depart, I respect a person to choose whoever they want to vote for. You will see someone who votes differently as “wrong”.

I don’t have trouble accepting demographic realities. I don’t think they define the party or a persons color or race defines who they should vote for, we are all individuals, what a horrible thing to believe if 90% of Muslims vote for Democrats therefor you betray Muslims (for example) if you don’t vote with them. Horrible!!

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Right. Only way to think Mr. Potatohead’s gender is a thing anyone cares about on the ladder of issues is to wake up and consume RW websites and media ad nauseam. Watching their talking points get robotically parroted is hilarious though.

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only one obsessed with this, here, seems to be you. stop watching so much fox news perhaps?

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That sounds very woke. I suppose it all comes down to the motivation for voting one way or another. If you are voting out of xenophobia, then yes I would judge you for that. If you were voting because you believe in the principles of small government, I’d respect that but still think it was misguided.

You keep going back to this racial/ethnic betrayal problem which again seems like the debate you want to have. Look at it conversely, if the majority of your party is overwhelming white, and of that uneducated white males, you don’t think that deserves some self reflection? Normally a party would think how can they reform and appeal to a larger demographic. The GOP doesn’t really do that. They look for another wedge issue like CRT instead of focusing on effective policy. In the middle of a pandemic, and an economy in need of reform, we have to waste time and the majority of right wing airwaves talking about CRT and woke culture. Give me a fucking break…it’s about priorities.

I think Trump was doing that which is why he increased the % of minorities voting for him across the board.

The media had been vitriolic in it’s non stop whatever ist description they threw at him. In some cases very dishonestly and frankly a lot of people are caught up in the media bubble. It’s amazing he was able to get past all the noise and move the needle in a positive direction at all.

No, they hadn’t for a long time, which is why McCains and Romney’s numbers were so lousy. They were hoping to go back to their old ways too. Looks like if they try to do that, a lot of them will not be getting reelected.

The last I checked it wasn’t Republicans who are pushing CRT and threatening to withhold federal tax dollars from institutions that don’t practice it, unless I am mistaken that’s the Biden administration.

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Exactly, the Democrats push obscenely divisive and racist policies in education, at the grass roots people are basically told to STFU about it or worse, then people are promoting a “wedge issue” by complaining. Great stuff


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Or rather you’ve usurped the term CRT to mean any and every diversity program. Once you simplify the issue, it’s much easier to demonize it. As I said, look how much air time right wing media spends on that vs. the pandemic. And you’re telling me that is a more pressing issue? *翻白眼

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Build that wall! Trump’s doing the same shit as everyone else. His campaign team literally listened to AM radio for their strategy and turned it up to 11.

This is you looking for an argument, you kept bringing it up, I pointed out it’s the Biden administration pushing it. If you want a discussion on it, there are threads on it.

No he didn’t actually, which is why his numbers went up. Again perhaps for another thread.

Anyway, this thread is supposed to be about secularization in the US not the bash Republican and Trump thread, plenty of places for you to do that. Although I think we can guess which one you are more interested in doing.

Or maybe it was just another thread looking to trash Republicans and Christians all along, first post does call them all a bunch of hypocrites.

Secularization due to an overemphasis on wedge issues and culture wars. As was previously pointed out, Christian leaders’ failure to denounce Trump and push support for him, has certainly had an impact on some believers abandoning the church. It may not be the main driver since its a longer term trend than that, but it’s a very recent driver. All of this has context for which I’ve provided examples.

It’s gotten even worse than Trump, Qanon is permeating churches. Of course leadership there is mostly too mealy mouthed to stand up for anything, to no surprise. Those who do are similar to GOP who stand up to Trumpism…day late and dollar short. And so goes the GOP, so will go churches and their relevance, down the drain. Sounds like a plan though!

The congregation was in the middle of an online service when a longtime churchgoer in her 60s texted her pastor to complain that his prayer lamenting the assault on the U.S. Capitol in January was “too political.”

The woman later unloaded a barrage of conspiracy theories. The election of Joe Biden was a fraud. The insurrection was instigated by Black Lives Matter and antifa activists disguised as Donald Trump supporters. The FBI was in on it all. The day would soon come, she said, “when all the evil, the corruption would come to light and the truth would be revealed.”

Startled and moved to tears, Pastor David Rice told the woman she had been “tricked by lies.”

“You need to know how crazy this is,” he said to his congregant at Markey Church in Roscommon County, Mich., a rural region of about 25,000 residents that voted 2 to 1 for Trump. “You have been with my family and in my home and I care for you, but you are dabbling in darkness. You are telling me it’s giving you hope. I’m telling you as your pastor that it’s evil.”

“Something disturbing has happened with evangelicals in this country, where we have become prone to conspiracies and believing the worst about our enemies, where we end up placing the Republican Party and ourselves as Americans first before true Christianity,” said Rice, 39, who has led his Baptist church for six years and doesn’t identify with either major party.

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Mr Potatohead is sooo last month- it’s like getting all in a tizzy about Dr. Seuss. The latest assault on Western Values are rainbow Legos and Kellogg’s rainbow Together cereal.
Rod Dreher over at the American Conservative tells me it’s a sign of soft totalitarianism- the fact that you can buy it is not quite the same as Stalin’s secret police kicking down your door and hauling you off to the Gulag, but essentially the same thing (no, really, he says that).

I know it’s hard to keep up with the poutrage of the week when they change so fast- who knows what Tucker will be screaming about tonight.

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Right on schedule, right out of the gate, the same lie that gets trotted out every time.


Almost like @Malasang88 rehearsed the conversation, keep baiting people with CRT that no one is talking about and when it’s pointed out that is what the Biden administration is doing, go for the switch to “you are the ones mischaracterizing Bidens policies”.

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