Secure storage space for hockey gear around Nanjing & Dunhua

A number of guys in the hockey league new to store their gear at the arena, but new management is making this difficult. So, I’m looking for storage space around Nanjing & Dunhua. There are a number of street vendors in the area, and I know that they’re stashing their goods in nearby apartment buildings, so, how do I go about finding a secure space?

I was wondering this too, There could be times where I need to be away for a few months and I need a place to store stuff too. I would guess find a cheap apartment somewhere and stuff all the things there?

Yes, this is an excellent topic!

I have an entire room filled with essential JUNK.

Where are the/any storage facilities in Taipei???

Kind of ridiculous to have this problem, given the number of derelict buildings littering the island. How difficult would it be to convert some of that vacant space into storage facilities? A business waiting to happen?

There are spaces advertised on yahoo auction and other auction sites in Taiwan (such as Kiiji). All in Chinese, though.
We looked a while ago and most of the cheaper ones were located in Taipei county.
Here’s a link to kiiji, they have 143 listings and you will need someone who can read Chinese to help you search further.

(Chinese you need to search online is “倉庫出租”. You can make a sign saying “我要租小倉庫” (I want to rent a small storage space, literal translation, maybe someone will make it nicer for you) to post in your area.)