Seeking advice in setting up ecommerce website

I would like to bring in a product range to start off with. Being a novice in this area, I would love to hear from those who have already established your online stores.

My goal is to set up a basic website with either WP or WIX or ECWID (allow free website creation) and redirect payment traffic to Shopee or other ecommerce platforms. This is not ideal of course but for starter, this may be easier and I don’t have to worry about payment gateways. I would like to test the market, would this be the most economical way?

But if I were to implement an option to buy from the website, what are the most common or popular gateway to use? Also what does one use for generating invoices/receipts?

Hey :wave:

I used Woo Commerce with Wordpress go start. But now I’m with Shopify and it’s much easier.

I always said I wished I started with Shopify because it’s a platform built for people e-commerce. The other ones are not originally.

I would have saved so much money to start with Shopify because the first website is easy to build and modify. I don’t need to hire any help. And Shopify supports comes with it with someone answering your questions as part of the package. They can also host your website. Shopify isn’t perfect but it lets me focus on building my business and not all the website and backend functions.

Thank you for your reply.

Besides the monthly fee, are there any other hidden costs? I read that there is a cost for payment gateways. Speaking of which, are the ones that you used for Taiwan?

I read that it’s not friendly or optimized for Taiwanese businesses to use Shopify on this platform. Your thoughts?

There’s a transaction fee per transaction. You will need to check what they are for TW as it’s different for every country.

I can’t say how optimized it is for Taiwan as mine is not based in Taiwan. Usually each country has a Shopify community on facebook.