Seeking beta testers (

Hi everyone,

My name is David Lancashire, and although I’m not in Taiwan, hopefully some of you will have heard of the Adso project I’ve been involved with or some of the Chinese learning tools we support like ZDT and Perakun. I would have joined this forum previously, but I’m up in Beijing and you’ve been blocked from the mainland for quite some time. I was actually surprised to find the forums accessible now.

Jumping to the point, I wanted to post here because I’m looking for beta testers for a new online service I’m launching called Popup Chinese. This is a language learning site with audio podcasts/lessons, pdf transcripts, HSK tests, and annotated music and film videos. It’s designed for learners at all levels but especially for people pushing from conversational Chinese into true fluency. We do things like manually annotate literature with mouseover popups for easy reference. We also fully support both simplified and traditional Chinese, and in addition to hosting our own learning materials, allow anyone to create lessons and share them with friends.

Right now we have a strong beta community of mainland users, but I’d love to have some testers who are really focused on traditional Chinese. So if you have a few minutes to check out our site, any feedback you have would be very appreciated. I’m happy to give out free premium while we’re in our beta (suggest grabbing it quickly before we leave beta), and you can take advantage of this bounty of goodness by visiting and entering the voucher number 2008AOYUN.

Feedback is welcome here or on the site or in email. Anywhere really. :slight_smile:

On a closing note, if you listen to any of our podcasts, you’ll probably hear quite clearly that we have a preference for standard Beijing mandarin. Before you all hammer us for this, please know that we are interested in getting a show up-and-running to showcase Taiwanese mandarin, particularly at the intermediate level. If anyone here is interested in running a regular podcast/show from Taiwan and has access to a decent recording space (we need something more professional than someone sitting at home with a Skype headset…) or knows someone who is, please drop a line.

I’ll definately check it out and take you up on the free premium. I’m a bit of a Chinesepod fan, so I do hope your podacasts manage to be as practical and interesting! I personally enjoy Beijing Chinese, with that heavy ‘r’. Maybe it’s 'cos I’m a westcountry boy, and thats how we say things back home…

Anyway. Best of luck. I’ll try to be a good Beta Tester.


Thanks. Hope you like it, and please do let us know if you run into any problems.