Seeking friends - LGBT

i don’t know if this is the right place to put this
i’m looking to make friends in taiwan that are lgbt. i have been thinking about traveling to taiwan in the near future and would like to get to know people there before i travel there. i want to experience more of the lgbt side of taiwan more then anything.

if this is not the right place to put please could you tell me where would be the best place to go?

thank you

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Hi, My name is Ale, I am a latinamerican girl living in Taiwan, I am looking for LGTB friends, if anyone is interested this is my email:

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i am a taiwanese.23 years old . i live in Taichung.i want to make foreign friends i can practise my english .because i wanna go to work during summer vacation in NY. my line id [[color=#008040]edited by moderator. Just PM[/color]] . Nice to meet you

I have a similar request. I’ll be living in Taiwan next year and since I don’t speak Mandarin yet I thought it would make an easier transition. Have you had any success, perhaps an app or other forums?

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There are several apps popular for gay and lesbian friend finding, so no worries - finding English speaking people should be no issue.

In case you’re going to be in Taipei, there’s also always the red House area as well as several LGBT clubs.

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