Seeking gym recommendations

I work out (weight lifting, bodybuilding) regularly Seeking gym recommendations. My impression was gym membership is considered a luxury in Taiwanese culture so I’m hoping the gyms recommended will be affordable. Thank you.

Where are you located?

And what kind of gym do you want? What kind of training are you looking to do?

Only interested in memberships or also pay as you go?


Weight lifting, bodybuilding.

I self- train.

Membership or PAYG, whichever makes more money sense.

Thank you.

Taipei Tennis stadium in Neihu has a new big gym full equipment. No membership just 50NT per hour

All public gyms cost 50nt per hour. No fancy darkened rooms with neon lights though.

Which district or landmark in Taipei?
Taipei looks geographically small, but it can take a significant amount of time to get from one side to the other during rush hour.

For eastern Da’an area:

Daan Sports Center
50nt per hour
1 bench, 1 smith machine, 1 squat rack, up to 30kg dumbells
free showers. lockers 10nt per use.
very crowded during lunch and evenings
Every district has a sports center, but the equipment may vary.

1st Fitness
1nt per minute
I’ve never been, but a few people say it’s a step up from the sports center.
I’ve heard it has crowding issues too.

Much cheaper than the globo-gyms in Taipei. Has 3 weightlifting platforms and a squat rack, so there will always be a place to squat and deadlift.

It is cramped, and it may not have some fancy machines that some expect, but for the price, it’s a great value.

Da-an equipment is very basic, not good enough for serious body building and good luck getting a full workout without having to wait big time for one to the other. Or just have to get creative and invent exercise while waiting…

It is a pitty because that’s the closest to me

The government gyms are the worst in Taipei. They are lots of better options now

Recommend Our Gym on corner of Xinyi and Guangfu. 50 NTD per session or 1000 per month

You can find some gym recommendations here

I used to go to True Fitness , Zhonghe branch , I paid annual membership , but I agree the Gym is considered a luxury here , specially this Gym includes Swimming Pool , Water Spa , Sauna , Spinning , Yoga , Boxing , aerobics class , group fitness exercises … bollywood dancing classes