<Seeking> Handy person

I’m looking for someone to take care of some odd jobs in my new place. Can anyone recommend someone?

I’m also looking for someone to do some simple building.

Any help is appreciated.

Mr. He and Mr. T are the experts here. :wink:

What does that mean exactly? Building what? A wall? A log-burning fireplace? A rooftop pad?

I’m moving to a rooftop and I want someone to put up two poles that are sturdy enough to hold a hammock, and I want someone to build a simple structure to protect a small are of the roof from the rain. I envision erecting a hard plastic sheet supported by a few poles that are already in place.

It would be good if the person could handle a few other odd jobs, like installing an external light and pretty much anything else I need once I move in…

I need that same helpful handy man on my rooftop, as I’m not (yet) all I promised my wife and the landlord that I would be.