Seeking help with transcribing movie "Junior Pilot"

Hello. I need some help with transcribing the movie “Junior Pilot”. My listening is not good enough. What’s worse is that there’s flight terminology. I have a deadline so this is really urgent. I hope someone here will be interested in doing this and making some money out of it.

Don’t sweat it Gloria. It’s an utterly trash movie with utterly stupid dialogue. No matter how much you screw it up, your transcription will still be better than the original.

Thank you for your encouragement, sandman. It’s not so good a movie but the kids did a good job. I still enjoyed watching it, esp the fantasy scenes of Ricky. They were hilarious. He was great!

Besides, it’s my job so I should get it right as much as I can.

Well, I’ve managed to get the most of it. So I only need a little of help and someone did contact me. Thanks for reading this and have a good day. (May 18th)