Seeking high energy drummer for punk/celtic band

we are guitar, bass and vox. looking for a drummer who is into punk and other high energy styles such as celtic.
interested and want to check us out, call or email.
cheers john

ooops cell # 0915257010

is the style like Clan Zu?
they are punk celtic style and like the best band ever!

I am not sure who they are, we haven’t actually fused the two but rather some punk tunes , some celtic. but i am a big fan of flogging molly and dropkick murphys so that is not out the realm of possabilities.
so are you a drummer? if so are you interested?

haha no sorry im not a drummer, but i can lend you clan zu cds

I’m a drummer, I played in a punk band (millencolin, lagwagon style) for a year or two, but mostly played in a kind of metal/alternative band - very fast paced, high-energy sorta stuff, although I really dig punk too. Unfortunately, I live in kaohsiung… :frowning:

Don’t know much about celtic music though…

celtic music for me is very similar in spirit or energy if not in rythym to punk. check out the bands i mentioned in the last post

move to taipei :laughing: