[ Seeking Indians in Taipei ] any Indians here !?

:smiley: I heard there are lot of Indian families living in Taipei City alone !!..but I was surprised to see two indian restaurants when I had a trip to Koashuing last year.

Any Indians here !!! ??? :shock:

Im a technical guy working in Taipei for past two years but couldnt find significant scores of Indians in Taipei.


you can reach me in 0919472441

Im Siddarth, from South India.

I’m anton from Indonesia :slight_smile:
you can meet a friend of mine. He’s punjabi.
A lot of Indian is working in academics. Mostly hired at NTU.


Have you been to www.india.com.tw yet?

I didn’t see a webforum there, but it looks like a natural place to start. I’m asking them to do a banner exchange with Forumosa :slight_smile:

oh, yeah, I’m gus, and I’m from the Philippines :sunglasses:

Where are you???

hi , :smiley:

guys i am an indian, so all this sounds great 'n i am in touch with a few other indians who are working here :shock: , so lets meet / call and plan to see some time soon

0961149613 – tring tring :bulb:


rajeev :wink:

namaskar rajeev…
aap chini bolche hai…


Namarkar Bhai :stuck_out_tongue:

Kaise hian app bataiye, :?:

mein to bahut kuch bol leta hun app apni sunaiye, :sunglasses:

baki sab kushal purvak hain , :unamused:

rajeev :smiley:

Namaskar bhai

Mein bhi aacha hoon…taipei mein char saal se rah raha hoon…
Aap kya game club mein ravivar ko aaogey…

Mujhey shayad aapki madad chahiyegi devanagri mein…