Seeking martial arts training partner in Beitou/Tienmu area

I’ve been studying wingchun kungfu for a number of years, have done some choy lai fut and kickboxing, and have a very limited knowledge of grappling as well.

I’m looking for someone with a bit of martial arts experience or an interest in learning a few basics who could put in a few hours a week training with me. We can do drills (such as slipping, rolling hooks), sparring, chi sao (if you’re into wing chun), repetition techniques, kakiye (if you’re into karate) or whatever.

The reason I’m doing this is that my schedule is erratic and I just can’t seem to fit regular classes into it. I’m already assistant-teaching a kungfu class downtown, but it’s only twice a week and I need more. I’m a genuine martial arts enthusiast and hope to find someone similar.

PS - there will be no money changing hands here, in either direction!

Don’t know if I can reply to my own message, but what the hell. Just wanted to say this: COME ON, YOU’RE IN TAIWAN. Don’t you want to do some kung-fu? Or do you think you can’t learn something unless you’re paying for it?

On my honor, I’m no kind of weirdo. Just want to train.

Just an update to this post: I’m looking for a training partner again. However, I’m living in Linkou now. Far as I know, there are no foreigners living in Linkou other than myself but just thought I’d check…