Seeking passengers going to SanFran in Dec.or Jan

Dear Friends:

My name is Julia, I work for a non-profit rescue in San Francisco. Part of
what we do is placeing stray dogs from Taiwan with families in SF and the
Bay Area. We have been doing this for years, and have had great success.
Please see for more info.

We desperately need a passenger to help bring 3 rescued dogs from
Taiwan to SF in Dec or Jan. We have three dogs whose adoptive families are
waiting for them.
The proceudre is easy, we will have someone in Taipei to help with all
the paper work and pay for all the necessary fees. The passenger does not
have to do anything, except to check the dogs in as luggage and claim them
at the destination. AHAN will be at the SFO to greet you and to pick up
the dogs.

If you or someone you know are traveling to SF in Dec. or Jan, please
email me at ASAP, I can also be available via phone. 415-317-3160

Thanks much

Julia Lai
advisory board member

Hi, Julia.

Good luck with this.

Can I ask why your username is Animals_Tainan? You do great work and all, but I don’t want people to get confused! :s

Let me know if we can be of any help getting these animals out.

All the best,


Sorry about the mix-up… This is Kizzie from Animals_Tainan, a small organization in Tainan City trying to better the lives of dogs and cats. I have been working with Julia trying to find someone and wanted to spread the word. I was in a hurry, so I just cut and pasted her email… Again, sorry for the confusion.

Thanks, Kizzie

Hey, no problem, Kizzie.

I took a look at your Web site - great job!

I hope we can meet up some time soon for a chat; I want to try and head down south very soon, so perhaps I can come say hello?

Best of luck with getting these dogs to SF. :bravo: