Seeking Recommendations: Foreign Restaurants in Taipei Comparable to Abroad

Looking for suggestions on foreign restaurants in Taipei that measure up to their international counterparts or even beat expectations!

Your best bet is Japanese food. Here’s a good example.

There are more expensive higher-end places like Isosei but You Sushi is already excellent and a fun place to take guests.


foreign is such a broad definition, even Chinese food can be considered foreign here. Not seeing the point of this thread

Do you mean franchises that are as good as in the country of origin?

If money is not a concern, I’d recommend L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon on the fifth floor of Bellavita in Xinyi. Head chef Yohei Matsuo does solid work. More details about his training, including an interview with Chef Matsuo, appear here:


One surely means not Chinese! I’m interested.

Ruth’s Chris

Pizza Hut exceeds expectations in terms of creativity. I’ll leave it up to you to judge if that’s a good thing.


A lot of chains are very similar in taste here: McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Texas Roadhouse, T.G.I Friday’s.

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I’m currently looking for suggestions on Taiwanese restaurants overseas that measure up to their local counterparts or even beat expectations!

I believe there’s one in London, but I’m prepared to be disappointed l

Hard to find good Chinese food here


Given the extremely limited immigration from China after 1949, and given the difficulities involved in bringing in as workers skilled chefs say from Guangzhou, it’s not that surprising.

Maybe they could import them from Vancouver. :rofl:



Yeah, there isn’t even Panda Express in Taiwan! Let me know when they open a branch in Taiwan. :smile:

Guilty admission: I actually do enjoy Panda Express from time to time, though I’ve more-or-less learned to cook something tasting reasonably similar by following “brown sauce” stir fry recipes on YouTube.

Yes only about 300,000 new migrants accounting for only about 65% of all migration to Taiwan since the 1990’s.

Hey, I thought that Din Tai Fung was supposed to be good :laughing:

What’s Panda Xpress?

I used to live in China, great Chinese food there


Panda Express is an American fast food chain serving Americanized Chinese food. It seems that other people in Taiwan also crave after it: .

yeah, the best Continental Chinese food to be found here is probably Shanghainese (i.e. Din Tai Fung technically speaking), sichuan food here average, Dongbei food disappointing, Yunnan not found for, Hunan too, Cantonese is mostly disappointing with very rare safe havens (the Dimsums at the Nikko hotel, Brother Hotel, Howard Plaza in Taipei for instance), I can find a decent Peking (or Beiping if u feel very ROC nationalistic) duck here.

The best Chinese food found for me would be for sure Hakka. I like Hakka food here.


In addition to, you?

I crave the Chinese food I ate in China.

Best food in Taiwan, by far

maybe not best, very good. I like Japanese food here too (not all of it ofc, but many good JP places).

Also many good Italian Pizzas here in Taipei!


I don’t eat seafood, but there do seem to be a lot of Japanese places. I haven’t found the curry or ramen or tepanyaki to be anything special

Getting back to OP, any Japanese places to recommend?