Seeking Wii (English) games, Wii controllers

Anyone have Wii games for sale and/or Wii remotes? I have a US (English) console but left my collection of games by accident. I found a few Taiwan games but can’t read on my console…

Also open to just getting whole system to replace mine if set to use English and has controllers and games…

I have Taiwan consoles that I could sell for cheap.

I have a console, a dozen games and controllers. Not really playing anymore. Let me know if you are intersted.

Can you confirm: Taiwan consoles will not play games from U.S. region, correct?

Yes. Taiwan is part of the Japanese region of gaming.

Just jailbreak it and it will be region free. Simple.

You can also download backups of your US games and play them from USB stick or HDD.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Would be nice to have region-free console. I’ll take a look.

(Would be even better to let all games be played in whatever language you prefer and easily toggle from say Japanese to English to Chinese…but gather that doesn’t happen when jailbreaking…)

The game is made by the developer, if it doesn’t have multiple languages programmed in, then you’re stuck with that language.

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