Segue Banners (formerly "Pop-up ads")

The ads on the new Segue are bloody annoying. I realise that if you log on quick enough they stop popping up, but sometimes I’m doing a number of things so don’t log on fast enough, i I just want to browse a bit and don’t want to take the extra time to log on. Then I get shitloads of ads popping up all around the place. Even if I have logged in, the system seems to log me out again sometimes (maybe just so that it can annoy me with more ads) and even then there’s this sneaky ad that hides behind the page.

Alright Gus, I realise you might wnat to make a bit of dough from your site, but how about sparing us the ads (I assume they’re just testing at the moment - they seem to work - the annoy which is what internet ads do) until someone’s actually paying you to advertise.

Keep up the good work.


I’ve never seen any pop ups on Segue, but I use

Scroll down till you find the free one. It works well.

Never seen any pop-ups on Segue and I don’t use banner blocking software, but if I did, what could I say, the site is free.

You don’t get them? Maybe my terminology is wrong. Are those ads that pop up every time you open a page not pop-ups? Did Gus choose just me to try them out on? :wink:

Bri, you don’t you hear voices too, do you?

Segueeeeee segueeeeeee

Yeah, the ads are kinda annoying. Let me address some of your points:

First, the ads are not for making money. OK, I know no one believes me when I write this, but I believe it’s true. If I really thought I could make serious money with a website, I’d’ve signed up for the “other” website wink wink (by the way, it should launch real soon and it looks great :slight_smile:)

So I don’t plan to sell any ads – but I always welcome donations to keep this project interesting for me (I’m also going to beef up my Amazon wishlist :slight_smile:) Look out for a donate to Segue banner!

If the ads are not for making money, what are they for? Well, I have two ideas: (1) they are to help promote the goods and services of my friends in Taiwan, and the friends of the other insiders at Segue (shh, I haven’t even told them that yet, but it would a little selfish of me if they couldn’t, right? So if you want to advertise on Segue, cozy up to one of the moderators or administrators. Eventually, they will either know how to add a banner into the rotation themselves, or at least it’s their call to suggest a ‘campaign’); (2) they are to draw attention to particular aspects of the website – tips – like the Events Calendar, How to make your forum font larger, how to use the Guanxi F/X Shop, among other things.

Surely you exaggerate a bit :wink: there are only two pop ups for now and at most, you should see two extra windows. But I wish there was something I could do about. I thought that keeping them the same size would mean that only one ad window would be used. So if you kept that first one open, then other ads would either re-use that window, or not pop up at all. I was wrong.

You have a 30 second window to log-in. This seems like a good amount of time.

About the system logging you out now and then, I’m confused by this. Richard Hartzell used to complain about this in the past, but he’s been quiet about this recently. Perhaps you are going to certain pages (like the Active 100 topics page) that do act funny, even if you are logged in. I have to review those “header templates” – but I’ll only get to this after next week (> 17 Feb)

About the sneaky ad – all the pop ups are supposed to be “sneaky.” In jargon, these are called pop-downs. This is my way of trying to have it both ways: ads that don’t take up forum real estate, but that don’t necessarily get in your way. Now, not all browsers or all browser versions support the “-down” part of the pop-down. THe latest versions of IE and Opera do, but I can’t speak for NS users. Or for older versions.

Let’s suck it in for now. It could be worse – it could be the whole screen! When you mistype a URL in the Philippines, the nameserver takes over and pops-up a screenwide Flash screen. THAT’s disorienting! Try it and see for yourself(

I have to agree with this sentiment.

Popups are at best a source of great irritation to me. I will NEVER purchase anything from a Popup advertisement. In fact, it is reminiscent of some of the shadier techniques of online advertising that are common these days.

If popups create such illwill among potential customers, suggesting your friends use them for their services would be tantamount to a kiss of death, at least in my book. Banner ads thoughtfully placed and attractively designed would be likely to be more successful.

So, if popups piss you off, just boycott the product(s) so advertised and make it known to others. (ironically that would mean boycotting Segue, eh?! :?

Be careful, Gus.

(and that’s why i just downloaded panicware anitpopup software…?!)


Thanks Gus for your quick reply.

Actually, I think some of the problems maybe that I usually have about 12 different windows open, and maybe if I’m reading the forums, half of those will be Segue windows and the other half will be other stuff I’m doing. This probably lead to me having more problems than someone who just opens one window and can shrink any ads and just ignore them.

Anyway thanks to Sandman (thanks) I won’t have the problem anymore. That pop-up blocking software seems to be brilliant.


Re the system logging me off. Actually it’s only happened 4 times now and all were today. One was just now in fact.


Hi folks,

I’ve changed the banner policy at Segue – there will no longer be pop up banners, but there will be banners at the top of the web pages.

Expect these banners to promote the projects, businesses and interests of our friends (“our” = the Segue moderators and administrators). So if you would like to rotate a banner here, you should approach a moderator about it.

Just to make sure this is clear: there is no ‘business model’ for this website, Segue continues to be a free, volunteer run project about living in Taiwan.

If you would like to have your own ad rotate on Segue, but you don’t know any of us personally, here’s what you can do: [b]Offer to do a banner exchange

  1. Plug in the following HTML banner code into your website

  2. E-mail where we can see the code in your site

  3. Send us your 468x60 banner and target URL[/b]

  4. Plug in our Banner code on your website – simply cut-n paste the following<a href=''><img src='' border='0' alt=''></a>

  5. Send us an e-mail so one of us can verify who we are exchanging banners with

  6. Send us your banner graphic with the following Width x Height dimensions: 468 by 60 pixels. Try to keep your file size below 20kb. We reserve the right to NOT use banners that we may object to (like pornographic, hateful, or just plain ugly/annoying graphics – unpleasant stuff like that). And don’t forget to tell us where the banner should send soemone who clicks on it

Sir Donald Bradman, I am puzzled by your logging off problem. Are you using a standard dial-up modem or ADSL/Cable? Do you have the same problem on other computers? Do you have the same problem in forums on other web sites? Can you try to duplicate the problem in forums on other web sites?

Have never seen an pop-ups or pop-unders. How long did we have them??? I’ve never installed any of those pop-up stoppers either. :?

Those pop ads where only used for a short time (2 weeks?) and were only for people who don’t log on. If you use auto-logon, you won

In case you want to cover some of your costs, a few banner ads would not scare me off. Segue is too valuable for me.

From all the sex toy discussions, maybe some sex toy ads will help Segue make some money. (Just a joke)

I do agree, “Segue” is too valuable to many foreigners associated with Taiwan. And therefore should generate some money to keep it alive. I never associated Gus as the owner but instead just a hard worker and cannot imagine him making any profits with all the time he put into it. I think of Gus as a true Philanthropist. (I hope now he will speed up repairs on Segue.)

When there is a new or unknown place we really like, and want fellow Segueians to know, can we then sponsor a banner? Link to the place, they probably have not web-site…???
Just address and location, if/when no web-site available.


Gus, if you have a banner to swap, post the code?