Segue Events?

Would you be interested in attending a Segue "Event" (whatever that may be)?

  • Hell yes.
  • Mebbe
  • Not even if you paid me.

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Hmmm. At the last [color=brown]oRiEnTeD[/color] Happy Hour it was suggested that we start a Segue Happy Hour. I guess not everyone is into “networking”. (Sounds too much like working maybe?) This would be more about hanging out and chilling - two non-descript words that don’t sound like work at all. Movies could definitely be a part of it, or bowling, or shrimp-fishing. Personally, I would be happy to organize a Segue Shrimp-fishing outing. :sunglasses:

What say you?

Man, I love me some shrimping! I would be into that. I’m just starting to get my technique down. Can we go to the place with the pole dancer over the pond?

It’s getting a bit nippley for shrimp fishing. They tend to bite more when the weather is warmer. Maoman, there’s a few shrimp fisheries nearby Lotus, ya know.

I vote for something less competitive than shrimp fishing. How about a game of segue Risk?

risk should only be considered the tip of the iceberg… i’m trying to figure out how to get my trivial pusuit sent to me (or brought to me :o - ah hao jiu bu jian ah). what else does anyone have??? no backgammon or chess please (sorry chessman) also no pictionary, outburst, shouting-obnoxiothon-type games.
as for shrimping, the damned things here are just too small. probably wouldn’t put up much of a fight, living in that nasty water…
what about crabbing? there must be some big ones hugging those beach rocks taiwan has.

The shrimp are huge, monk!
You catch em, spear em, rub salt on em, and roast em.
It’s kind of disgusting, actually.

Moot is always an option.

Or a segue bowling league.

I’ll come if i can bring that bra in my closet given to me by a stripper at a stag party that i try on once in a blue moon. I do try stag parties on occassionally, but they rarely suit me. Sounds good, but on a sensible day (like a friday or saturday), at a sensible time (11pm+) and at a sensible bar (cheap beer).

So, next Saturday we can drink Taiwan beer and
watch chainsmoker pole dance at a cheap shrimp fishery wearing your bra.

[quote]So, next Saturday we can drink Taiwan beer and
watch chainsmoker pole dance at a cheap shrimp fishery wearing your bra.[/quote]

Idunno. My technique isn’t THAT good. Maybe if it’s padded (i.e. a Taiwanese bra).

can we throw shrimp and/or crabs?
that’d probably make it more interesting. no offense to monkey’s bra or chainsmoker’s dancing, of course.

I’d prefer a Segue thing to an Oriented thing myself. The Oriented parties tend to attract mostly business types and a networking environment. Many of the more interesting posters on Segue don’t even show up. Perhaps if we made it more casual and smaller-scale, we could have a better time.

What about … ehmmm …

… Throwing a pot. I’ve some connections in Ingko (Ingge?).

Afterwards we can have some coffee or tea.

… Or go hiking in San Xia. It’s my town out here.

Afterwards we can have some coffee or tea.

… Or do anything you like around here.

Afterwards we can have some coffee or tea.

How come threads like this bump up every now and then, and nobody (apart from the chess people) ever seems to get things going (last time, it was the “Lonely foreigners” thread, segued in the same direction: movies, hike, whatever … and then died, but I think I tried hard enough then)?

I’M STILL LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY TO WATCH MOVIES WITH :frowning: (my cat doesn’t seem to care too much)!!! I still don’t bite, I’m still not desperately looking for a man, it’s just so much more fun watching a movie with somebody else, no matter whether in a theatre or at home. I’d offer my apartment, it’s spacious (and sort of conveniently located, right by Kungkuan MRT), but I still have neither tv nor dvd player.

I’m quite open as to which movie to watch (don’t care for horror, but don’t mind scary thrillers), so, please, would you take me along if you do something?

Oh, I also wouldn’t mind going for a hike.

So, what’s up?

how do you feel about shrimp, iris?

If some of you feel like going on a hike or throwing a pot what would be the most suitable day to arrange it.

Saturday or Sunday?


I think our first segue event should be…

Meet the Glah sick Ah staff :smiling_imp: :laughing:

ok maybe not