Segue/Forumosa "Rank"

Who thinks up the various “ranks” (e.g. Chinese Class Dropout, Breakfast Store Laoban, High School Triad Member) that one attains here in Forumosa? The reason I ask is I think they are quite clever and make an interesting reflection of Taiwan.

Is there a complete list anywhere or like the degrees in Freemasonry only the Grand Masters of the Lodge know all the ranks? The reason I ask that is that I might do an essay/chapter in my book on the Taiwan Types and that list (with due credit to the folks who made it up) would be great.

take care,
The Friend of Taiwan

I like the little ones that pop up for just one or two posts, and then change quickly. Someone recently had 444 posts, and the rank of “Ack! I’m cursed!” or something to that effect.

It’s official: BK has been sucked back into the Forumosa vortex.


Yeah, there a few surprises in there. :wink:

The rank titles were created for the most part by Wolf, with a few additions from Gus and myself…

I’m not sure the chinese version of mine is right though :s