Selling 150x200 Soft Mattress in Great Condition

I’m selling a mattress that I think might be highly suitable for folks here:

  1. Size: It’s the Ikea 150x200 size. If you’re taller than 180cm, you’re probably used to your leg sticking out of traditional Taiwanese mattresses. This should help fix that issue (or mitigate it if you’re taller than 190cm)

  2. Softness: Taiwanese mattresses are usually quite hard. This one is softer than anything I have found at Ikea here, and probably a medium (or medium soft) in the American scale.

  3. Great Condition: Sparsely used for < 2 years as the owner is often traveling for business trips. The mattress had a protective cover throughout the usage so there is no damage or stains.

  4. Price: Asking for $6000, shipping arranged by buyer themselves. (Please note that this was purchased for ~$20000 from 床的世界 (Mattress World) less than two years ago)

Price reduced to $5000

Turns out mattresses aren’t a high demand item in Taiwan. I’m reducing to $4000 now. It’s a real steal for this price :slight_smile: