Selling / Disposing of scooter without paperwork

I was wondering if anyone can offer advice. A co-worker suddenly had to go back home to the US after one of their family members died. They left me with a box of stuff, which can easily be disposed of, taken, or sold. However, they also left their scooter in my care. Everything happened so quickly that they didn’t leave their chop or their ARC. As far as I understand all taxes and insurance is paid for but I need to get rid of the scooter, either by sale or disposal. How can I do this without a chop / vehicle registration / ARC (it may be possible to get the vehicle registration and ARC)?

  • Can I just get a chop made in their name and use that?
  • I also read that I can park it illegally and wait for it to be towed. I would prefer not to do that if possible on the off chance they come back at a later date.

Isn’t that their problem?

When I say ‘Left in my care’ the scooter is sitting in my basement parking now. If I can sell it then I can keep the money. Willing to offer a good deal to anyone, if I can figure out how to offload it legally.

Why don’t you wait say 1 month, then ask the owner what he wants to do?

I know you said legally, but make sure you do it legally, have heard plenty of disaster stories otherwise.

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If its a problem, leave the keys in it out of camera view a nearish a train station. Wait a month to report stolen.

If you want to sell it legally, get the owner to mail you documents. Easy either way

Thanks. It should be possible for them to mail the vehicle registration, ARC, and insurance docs. I know when I registered my scooter I just signed all the documents and didn’t use a stamp at all. But what if they don’t have a chop? Can I just make a new one and use that?

I don’t know if this is possible for scooters or if you need documents showing ownership, but you bring in a car for recycling and get $5000 for it. Not sure where either. I just know of someone who did it. You could try selling it for scrap.

Yes, if you’re a citizen you get $300 for recycling motorcycle.

Dude, $300? Anyone would pay more than $300 for a working scooter.

I agree, however the point is how much you get if you want to recycle a motorcycle no matter is it working or not.

I’ll buy it for $400. If all I have to sacrifice is the cost of an average meal, it’s a good deal.

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When I was in uni, I remember a lot of ghost scooters that exchange students would sell to each other every six months and whose original registered owner had long left Taiwan. Someone tried to get me to buy one as well, so I remember going to MVO for clarifications and they confirmed that purchasing a scooter requires the registered owner to be physically there with the buyer.

I think that if you visit MVO and explain the situation, they will find a way to transfer the ownership of the scooter from your friend to you, although he/she is not in Taiwan any more. After all, there must already exist alternative routes for special cases like an owner suddenly passing away, being bed-ridden, etc.

One note about the ARC. When I left Taiwan a few years back, my ARC had already expired, but I remember being able to legally sell my scooter by producing passport, local driving licence and chop.

What happens if you sell it, or dump it and the owner returns?
“Where is my bike?”

Park it outside, punch the tyres, scratch it and wait about two months, it’ll be gone. Government will just scrap it.