Selling food in Taiwan

Hi there,

is there any chance for a foreigner to sell food on the night market or in a small shop in Taiwan?

Actually it’s not to much about setting up a new business and making a lot of money, but more about gaining new experiences and having a lot of fun!! At the moment I’m thinking of doing an internship in a restaurant or something like that and thus being able to “work” and selling my food this way. Is there any chance that this might be working out? Contacts to restaurants are not my problem, but nobody has any idea, if selling food as an intern is legal or if it’s possible to get a visa, which allows me to sell food.

Has anybody a better idea? I would be grateful for any kind of help. Thanks.

It’s illegal. You can’t do it as an intern and you can’t get a work permit to do it. Even if you have an open work permit, you need a vendor license which you almost certainly can’t get. Sorrry to be so discouraging, but that’s the way it is.