[selling] Giant TCR Advanced 2 2015 bike

Hi all,

I have a 2015 Giant TCR Advanced 2 (blue/white) that I have purchased on Dec/2015 in size XL, which I would like to sell. I am 192cm tall (about 6"4). it wasn’t easy for me to get this bike in size XL. The largest size in Taiwan is L, sometimes M/L. I have been enjoying this bike for few months and wanted to move on to my next bike.

The original price was NTD 49,800 x 10% off = 44800.
and would like to sell it for NTD30000. It’s a 5 months old bike. I clean it up after each ride so it looks like new.

including > Entire bike + saddle bag + back light + front light + 2 water bottle shelf

please email me if you’re interested. theleicaguy at gmail.com

Detail spec in Link below

Hi! Is this bike still available? I assume it isn’t since your post is from June. But in any case I’d be interested how you got a XL Giant bike as I have asked a local Giant dealer and they confirmed to me that XLs are only for export and that I couldn’t have one. I am about 1.98cm


Thanks for asking. Unfortunately my bike has been sold. I purchased the
bike at Giant-Liv headquarters at Taipei. (near by SongShan airport)
It took them about a week to order the XL bike from the central storage. I
was lucky enough that the XL bike was about to export to another country,
but the original buyer have cancelled the order.
You can just drop by Gian bike and tell them you want to buy a XL size
bike, the store will usually order one for you, but please bare in mind
that it usually might take several weeks to get the bike. and not all bikes
will be available in XL size. I’m about 193cm…
Let me know if there’s anything further I can help. Cheers


This will happen once in a blue moon, but it can actually happen!

Also keep in mind that they could charge you extra for the bike! Probably more than what you can get it for outside of Taiwan.